TotalFinder 1.4.16

Add tabs, hotkeys and more to Finder

If you're a big fan of tabs and Finder, then TotalFinder will definitely interest you as a handy way of extending Finder's capabilities. View full description


  • Adds tabs to folders
  • Removes DS_Store problems
  • Makes Finder more customisable and powerful


  • Requires an uninstaller for removal

Very good

If you're a big fan of tabs and Finder, then TotalFinder will definitely interest you as a handy way of extending Finder's capabilities.

TotalFinder adds tabs to folders within Finder as well as allowing you to configure hotkeys and other customization options. The big advantage of TotalFinder are undoubtedly the tabs which cut down on the number of folders you need to have open dramatically. Suddenly, within one window, you have a clear overview of every folder you have open. You can also snap, move and even merge tabs into one.

Another useful feature is the ability to get rid of pesky DS_Store files that litter your system. TotalFinder cleverly instructs Finder to hide them meaning that although they are still created, they'll never bother you again. TotalFinder buries itself deep into your operating system in order to integrate with Finder so you can't remove it properly by simply dragging it to the Trash. However, it does come with an uninstaller to make sure everything is removed if you don't want to keep it.

TotalFinder is a remarkably useful Finder extension for managing your folders and files more effectively.


  • New:
  • Compatibility with Finder 10.8.2 (which is included in OS X update 10.8.3)
  • Implemented "Reopen Closed Tab" (idea).
  • Fixed:
  • It is now possible to copy UNC-style paths from Copy Path submenu.
  • Fixed broken paste command in context menus (issue).
  • Fixed redrawing issues under high CPU load (issue).
  • Focus Visor when clicked the Dock icon while having opened unfocused pinned Visor (issue).
  • Double-clicking Finder's toolbar miniaturizes whole window.
  • Cut/Copy/Paste buttons appear in context menus also when clicking into Finder's background.
  • Visor window is correctly repositioned after connecting or disconnecting external display.
  • Clicking Finder icon in the Dock brings back miniaturized window (issue).
  • CMD+W does not close whole window in case there is only one tab in dual mode.
  • Escape key could stop working when closed last tab in Visor window.
  • Improved:
  • Improved Visor sliding. Fading and sliding should be smoother. Removed random flickering in multi-display setups (issue).
  • Improved window dragging via Finder's toolbar or statusbar.
  • Added TotalFinder menu into Finder main menu item (for people who remove TotalFinder's menubar icon).


TotalFinder 1.4.16

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